Friday, December 17, 2010

Most Snow in America: Syracuse New York

     So yesterday my good friend mpdsnowman posts that Syracuse is leading the nation in snowfall as of that day on Snowboarding Forum.  Now I am not going to lie, I did not know that, although I feel like I should, but that's what friends are for right? I did know that we are definitely getting record snowfall here in New York, but had no clue I was going to be so shocked when I saw the list of top ten.  So here is the list:

  1. Syracuse, NY
  2. Rochester, NY
  3. St. Paul, MN
  4. Minneapolis, MN
  5. Spokane, WA
  6. Buffalo, NY
  7. Anchorage, AK
  8. Salt Lake City, UT
  9. South Bend, IN
  10. Akron, OH
     The original article can be found at Golden Snow Globe here.

     And in due East Coast/ West Coast rivalry I must point out that the Rockies are not on the chart.  Well all I can say is that I guess I'm lucky I live in the East at the moment.  I will be going to shred some of this pow this weekend and will report on it.

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  1. Hey man, you followed me on twitter and I've been recently checked this blog out alot!
    I live out here in Western Pennsylvania. I respect the work you are doing and I want to know if there is anything I can do to help out or if we can do something thing this together.
    Let me know soon thanks.